Wedding Cake, Dancing and Flip Flops: Buying Flip Flops for a Wedding Reception

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Flip flops are built for summer days at the pool and weekends at the beach. Not many people would associate them with wedding receptions, but advertises their flip flops for any occasion, including destination weddings.


One integral part of any wedding is its color theme. From cheery yellow to deep blue to classy rose gold, has a variety of colors from which to choose. They also have stripe and anchor patterns a customer can add to customize their order further.


Customers make orders in bulk, with the option of purchasing 16, 32, 48 or 96 flip flops at a time. Depending on how many shoes a customer orders, prices range from $1.50 to $2.50 per flip flop. With orders over $65, the store also includes free shipping. guarantees fast delivery in the United States, stating that most orders take three to seven business days to arrive. By emailing photos using their flip flops, customers can receive a $25 gift card of their choosing, currently for either Amazon or Visa.


Their website offers several tools to make shopping for reception flip flops even more convenient. To keep up with orders, customers can create wish lists and add to their shopping cart. If they make an account, they can add addresses for shipping purposes. also includes a contact tab where customers can contact them directly through the website, through email or with a toll-free phone number.


With several color and pattern options, fast shipping and other customer perks, provides their shoppers with what they need to find the flip flops they want for their special occasion.

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